A little story about Airdrop : 

A while ago Token Start ups realized that there is a lot more value when their token is held on as many wallets as possible. More coins lead to more interest and exposure, which in turn greatly increases the Trading Volume of a particular coin when it gets listed on an exchange.

Then came up with an indigenous solution - Airdrop. Yes, giving away coins for free ! .

Participating in an Airdrop is simple. You discover, or are informed of an Airdrop, fill out a telegram form, give your Ethereum (or relevant coin) wallet address, and Voila ! Free Tokens in your wallet a few weeks from then.

Ok, nice story, but surely it is not going to make me rich, right ?

Well, some airdrop have brought great wealth to lucky participants. One of the first airdrop was the Stellar airdrop. Back in 2014 (or so), they gave 10 000 xlm to people just for making a wallet and liking their Facebook. If you sold those coins in January 2018 it was USD8500 for free ! 
At today's rate it is still a cool USD2100 free gift. 
I know at least 2 people that still have those untouched coins for free. Lucky  guys. 
Another very famous airdrop is the NEM one. At the inception of NEM it was decided that all the coins would b given to the community. 4400 people claimed a 1 million stake ( yes, 1 million NEM coins). 

For a long time, those coins were valueless, at the rush of January 2018, those coins had a total value of USD1.9 millions. I know at least one person that kept his 1 million NEM stake untouched. 

At today's rate it is still a cool USD100'000 gift. 

So you are thinking, well, those are airdrop from 2014.... it is too late now. 

In December 2017, we shared the POLY airdrop through one of our newsletter and it became a $500 free gift for many of our customer !! 
Even more recently (march 2018) we shared the Oxygen airdrop that turns out to be $4000 just a few weeks after the end of the airdrop. 

So don't miss your chance and register to some airdrops. 

Where to find airdrops ? 


Do I have some good airdrop to share ? 

Well, airdrop are usually very quick to end, a few days, a few weeks, sometimes a few months. 
X-cash is a cool one that runs over the next 20 months. So it is not to late to enter. Just click on this link : FREE XCASH