It doesn't go a week without someone asking us where to buy some Bitcoins in New Zealand Hassle free !!

We have decided to write a small informative guide and answer this question for all the good kiwi out there. 

We are not a registered Broker but we can provide you the best tips to start your crypto journey. 


Easy Crypto allow you to buy 41+ cryptos in just 2 minutes. 

Easy Crypto (NZ owned and operated) is one the leader on the market, their rates are amongst the sharpest and they handle all the KYC and AML compliance.  Just register with them, set up a bank transfer and get your crypto on your wallet or on their wallet.  Easy as !

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(experienced users) provides a platform where buyer and sellers can match their orders.  The platform shows higher fees than Easy Crypto


(Buy and Sell) 

Sometimes you want people to go the extra mile. Well, look no further, we can help you with this. Standard fees is 2.5% and minimum purchase is $10,000.  Email us for me information. 


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