In the finals days of 2017, we were asked to deal with an emergency situation. A ransom was to be paid in Bitcoins.

A local Timber company was in a tricky situation where their factory was totally put down by some hackers. All the machines and the computers were made unusable, leaving dozens of employees task-less. The business owner was facing huge loss in productivity and wages (about $10 000 per working day).  

We got a phone call at 9 o'clock on a Wednesday evening.  By 10 o'clock, the following morning the business owner had had a crash course on BTC, been provided with enough coins to pay the ransom and resume its operation in the factory. 

Such situation can be terrific for businesses, employees to pay that are not productive, process put to a halt (what if perishable goods where involved?), and lets not talk about this happening to a business where life of people are at stake. If you have seen the episode 8 of the season 14 of Greys Anatomy you might be familiar with this matter. 

Learning from those, we are thinking of setting up a special service where companies get access to an emergency task force to deal with Ransom.You can contact us for more information.

 Of course, prevention is always better than cure, make sure your computers are well protected and your network behind efficient firewall. On this topic, our local kiwi partner can help you : http://www.computer-clinic.co.nz