Our Consultants


All of our consultants are Bitcoin professionals who are committed to empowering clients with their knowledge of the crypto eco-system 



William Lecompte - Top Dog Consultant

Teaching / Coaching
Long term investments

William is the founder and Top Dog Consultant at Bitcoin Consulting. 

He started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2013 helping friends and family do the same along the way. In 2017, William decided to take his passion for cryptocurrency to the next level, leaving behind a senior position as a civil engineer to start Bitcoin Consulting and spread the word of the technological and financial revolution. 

In his spare time, William excels at being French and helping the community as an active member of a local Rotary Club.




James - Consultant

Data analysis
New coins and ICOs

James first dabbled in Bitcoin in 2012 and since then he has kept a keen eye on new coin opportunities and has "picked the winning horse" a few times, so to speak. James contributes weekly articles for our newsletter