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Investing in Bitcoin and Crypto-coins has never been  made this easy.




Bitcoin Consulting Ltd has provided tailored advice since 2017. 

We help everyday people to securely invest in Crypto Currencies and get started building up their investments



Our client-centered approach means that our services are tailored to your needs and goals. Some of the services we provide are: 

  • Setting you up to buy, store, trade and invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 

  • The theory of the blockchain (because knowledge is power)

  • Reviewing your security settings and making sure your coins are safe

  • giving you the latest information on special offers, free coins and other opportunities for you to maximise your bitcoin experience 

  • One on one meetings to help you manage your assets 

  • Making your business bitcoin ready 

  • Efficiently dealing with Bitcoin ransoms

  • Premium access to a local NZ broker in BTC (coindesk +3%)

  • Selling new, unopened ledger Nano S

Bitcoin Consulting can facilitate your access to Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency seamlessly with our Broker partner that can get you Bitcoin within a few hours.


Cool stuff we recently did 

Below is a collection of Cool stuff that has recently happened


Ransomware situation

A couple of weeks before xmas 2017, one of our partners "the computer clinic" asked for our assistance on a tricky case of Ransomware. 

A local Timber company was taking the hit and losing $10 000 per day from hackers wanting to be paid in Bitcoin. 

It only took us a few hours to save the day...


Xmas giveaway 

We organised a little competition (blockchain based) to pick a lucky fan to win $100 in crypto. People entering the giveaway had to guess the hash of the BTC block mined on xmas day at noon. Dan V. is our lucky winner.  

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Trusting people with money advice isn't an easy thing. But learning something new by yourself is even harder!   


Learn the ABC of the crypto world

Would you learn to fly plane by yourself with youtube tutorials ? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. The internet is full of examples where people got hacked, lost their passwords or didn't have a back-up, we don't want this to happen to you.

We have competitive rates and provide great tools

You get documents that are ready to use, that will walk you through the best practices in the Bitcoin and crypto world. Not satisfied with our documents? We will reimburse you (subject to conditions). 



Get free coins !!

Yes you read correctly, if you join our newsletter you get notified of upcoming free airdrops. Some of our clients have already earned more than 20 000$ without investing a single penny.  

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